Natural Healing Center Testimonials


Natural Healing Center Testimonials

Rodney Miller – Detox and Cancer Therapy

Rodney has dealt with Stage T3, inoperable prostate cancer for some time now. In his testimonial, he talks about how he has benefitted from our program and Dr. Yu’s.

James – Budwig Diet

James has been a vegetarian for many years. Since he started the Budwig Diet he lost 14 pounds and now has more energy and feels better.

Father John Silver – Hyperbaric Chamber

After Suffering a stroke and being treated with western medicine, friends recommended him to visit The Natural Healing Center.  He started with acupuncture treatments and later moved on to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. After a series of treatments he started feeling better.


Barbara had been a smoker for over 30 years until she tried Low Level Laser Therapy.  After a few sessions, her cravings were gone and she stopped smoking.

Raymond – Photon Genius

Raymond has been a 360 Health Care & Natural Healing Center Patient for several years.
He started Photon Light Therapy after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. The therapy has helped him with his condition.

Beth – Resonant Therapy

Beth has been a 360 Health Care & Natural Healing Center Patient for several years.  She was in pain due to Fibromyalgia. The therapy has helped her eliminate the pain and stop taking prescription pain medication.

*Disclaimer: We do not back any claims made by our patients as being the cure for any conditions. We simply want to share their experience with our services. Results from our program are not typical and are based upon a variety of factors.