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Lipotropic injections affect the body by speeding up metabolism and improving fat breakdown in the liver.  Using methionine, inositol, choline, amino acids, vitamin B12 and other vitamins and minerals, the body will have what it needs to utilize fat, distribute energy and remove toxins from the body better than before.

Lipo injections can help you to improve heart and liver health, balance hormones, improve arthritis and other illnesses and can help you to feel happier!

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Considered the “master antioxidant”, not only because it is powerful by itself, but also because it has the ability to “recharge” all the other antioxidants in your body.  Glutathione is a MUST for better health.  It helps to promote T-cell function (immune system), protects you from environmental toxins, helps to prevent side effects from traditional cancer treatments and decreases inflammation – which is at the root of all chronic diseases…. Including cancer!


More than 3 million Americans are told that they have a B12 deficiency each year! Low B12 levels can be caused by diet choices, certain medical conditions and high levels of stress. A reduced level of red blood cells (anemia), fatigue, breathlessness, poor balance, numbness, memory troubles and even permanent neurological damage can be the result. Adequate stomach acid is needed to break down dietary B12. As we grow older, our acid production decreases, leading to higher risk of deficiency. These issues can be easily remedied with injections, diet change and possible targeted supplementation.


As you may have seen in the Testing> Nagalase section, when a cell becomes cancerous, it starts to release an enzyme called Nagalase which “turns down” immune system function. It is why you can have an adequate immune system and still have a tumor- because it provides a “cloaking mechanism” so the cancer cells cannot be seen. “Gc” refers to a specific protein, while MAF means “macrophage activating factor”. Macrophages are an important part of our body’s surveillance system. GcMAF- as the name would suggest- then turns that macrophage system “back on”, allowing it to resume its job of seeking out and destroying abnormal cells within the body….VERY IMPORTANT in becoming and maintaining a healthy life… AMAZING!


Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule of oxygen. Instead of  the common O2 that we breathe however, ozone is O3, or O2 with a “singlet oxygen atom” attached to it. It is that fresh smell after a lightning storm—as lightning produces ozone.

Prolozone uses not only ozone as the name would suggest, but adding up to 8 other liquids in the injection including things like sodium bicarbonate to have an alkalizing effect on an often acidic area (helps decrease pain and aids in healing), folic acid and B complex vitamins to help nerve function, anti-inflammatories and a local anesthetic can also be added.

By infusing these substances to an already powerful ozone injection, healing is stimulated and accelerated!

Prolozone therapy can be used for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Scars, the Prostate area and Plantar Fascitis as well as for the shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle and many other applications…. Did we mention that prolozone is an anti-aging therapy?

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