Welcome to Natural Healing Center of Myrtle Beach.

Welcome to NHC

Not only are our body’s exposed to toxins in our food, water and air, but our minds are also flooded with negative information including news casts, movies, TV shows, seemingly friendly conversations and music.

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Who We Are

At the Natural Healing Center we take a “holistic” or “whole body approach” to your “whole body disease” or illness.

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Where Do I Start?

Coming in for a consultation and evaluation is the best way to determine how we can help you on your healing journey.

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Support, Support, Support

Once you have visited our website, you’ll know that it is time to plan the next segment of your healing journey.

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What is a Chronic Illness/Conditions?

A chronic illness or condition is one that is not “self-limiting”, or something that will go away by itself.

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Types of Chronic Illnesses

Some examples of chronic illness include:

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What Causes Chronic Illnesses

A chronic illness is often caused or supported by lifestyle choices.

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What is Acute Illness?

Acute illness is a sickness that you expect to go away in a short time like a cold or a flu. They are called “self-limiting” because they go away by themselves.

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What Causes Acute Illness?

Acute illnesses/conditions can be caused by an infection (a virus or bacteria that has entered your body)

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How to Get Ahead of The Game