RGCC- Can provide not only a “circulating tumor cell count” which is important to know AND to monitor your progress, but also, it provides information on what chemo drugs are most effective at killing YOUR body’s cancer cells, how different substances slowed the cancer cell growth, how those substances positively affected your immune system and MORE!

According to the company.. “This test provides information about the effect of specific anti-cancer drugs, targeted therapies and natural treatments on the cancer cells in an individual patient. The test combines a molecular and a cellular approach by incorporating two procedures: epigenetic analysis and viability assays.”

Onconomics Plus RGCC

Onconomics Plus RGCC is based on three methods: testing for the direct effect of an anti-cancer treatment, stimulating the immune system and inhibiting proliferative signals in the cancer cells that stimulate them to grow.” (quote from RGCC-group.com)