Personal Rehab

Personal Rehabilitation

During your therapy time with the medical professionals at Natural Healing Center of Myrtle Beach you will be under a watchful and helpful eye. We understand that often illnesses and disease can prevent you from performing activities of daily living without pain. While you are in our facility along with receiving alternative health and physical therapies you will be regularly monitored following these guidelines:

Screen: to determine when patients/clients need further examination or referral to another health care professional.

Examine: patients/clients by obtaining a history from them and from other sources. Examine patients/clients by performing systems reviews. Examine patients/clients by selecting and administering culturally appropriate and age related tests and measures. Tests and measures include, but are not limited to, those that assess: Aerobic Capacity/Endurance, Anthropometric Characteristics, Arousal, Attention, and Cognition, Circulation (Arterial, Venous, Lymphatic), Cranial and Peripheral Nerve Integrity, Environmental, Home, and Work (Job/School/Play) Barriers, Ergonomics and Body Mechanics, Gait, Locomotion, and Balance, Integumentary Integrity, Joint Integrity and Mobility, Motor Function (Motor Control and Motor Learning), Muscle Performance (including Strength, Power, and Endurance), Neuromotor Development and Sensory Integration, Pain, Posture, Range of Motion (including Muscle Length), Reflex Integrity, Self-Care and Home Management (including activities of daily living [ADL],Work (Job/School/Play).

Evaluate: data from the examination (history, systems review, and tests and measures) to make clinical judgments regarding patients/clients.

Diagnosis: Determine a diagnosis that guides future patient/client management.

Prognosis: Determine patient/client prognoses.

Plan of Care: Collaborate with patients/clients, family members, payers, other professionals, and other individuals to determine a plan of care that is acceptable, and patient-centered.

Intervention: Provide physical therapy interventions to achieve patient/client goals and outcomes. Interventions include: Therapeutic Exercise, Functional Training in Self-Care and Home Management, Functional Training in Work (Job/School/Play), Manual Therapy Techniques (including Mobilization/Manipulation Thrust and Non-thrust Techniques), Electrotherapeutic Modalities.

Goals: Provide effective culturally competent instruction to patients/clients and others to achieve goals and outcomes.

Prevention, Health Promotion, Fitness, and Wellness: Provide culturally competent physical therapy services for prevention, health promotion, fitness, and wellness to individuals, groups, and communities. Apply principles of prevention to defined population groups.