Natural Healing Center Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging

Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging

thermography cameraThermography is a non-contact, non-invasive procedure which captures and records temperature variations on the skin by an FDA approved camera.  The skin is the body’s most intelligent organ and is “wired” with a communication network connecting all other organs and physiological processes in the body.  The skin responds to physiological changes and a thermography device observes those changes.  Assessments of these changes are reported by medical professionals trained to correlate thermal findings with a person’s health history and concerns.

The thermal imaging system is intended to review, measure and record skin temperature patterns and variations emitted from the human body. They are intended for use as an adjunctive screening for thermally significant indications in the regions of the head and neck, breast, chest, abdomen, back and extremities.

thermography Imaging of the breast is not intended as a cancer detection test, as it does not suggest, confirm or rule out the possibility that cancer exists in the breast or any other area of the body.