Live Blood Cell Audit

In Live Blood Cell Auditing, a single drop of blood tells a metabolic story. Using a powerful microscope and a video recording attachment, the doctor or nurse takes a drop of blood from the patient’s fingertip for review. The doctor/nurse looks at the condition of the blood cells to determine whether there are signs of proper or poor digestive function. Signs of bacteria, yeast, cholesterol crystals, pH imbalance, toxins and free radical damage are only some of the issues the Live Blood Cell Audit can help to uncover. This is a functional test, not a diagnostic procedure. From just a drop of blood, practitioners can discover what dietary and lifestyle changes are needed to promote a healthier metabolic state and ultimately a healthier you.

* Disclaimer Notice: Live blood cell audit is a functional test and not a diagnostic procedure.  

Results from our program are not typical and are based upon a variety of factors.