Organic vegetable and fruit juicing is critical in the detoxification and rebuilding plan. Fresh pressed juices have high concentrations of live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Also several vegetables are very high in antioxidants and nutrients that are continually mentioned in medical literature as having “anti-cancer” and/or “anti-inflammatory” properties.

However, keep in mind that juicing alone would be of little value if foods which are feeding your cancer or creating an environment which is favorable to cancer cells and microbes (e.g. sugar, dairy products, etc.) are not removed.

A cancer patient should eat organic food and AVOID soda, including diet soda, highly processed foods (e.g. sugar, white flour), coffee, etc. Consuming poor food choices, especially highly acidic and/or highly refined foods, such as those just mentioned, will FEED the cancer or create an environment in the body in which the cancer cells can thrive.

With our all inclusive therapy you will be given specific supplements to build your immune system and target the illness you are fighting.

Food is something that can work like a poison or a medicine in your body. Education as to proper food choices is critical.