Exosomes are considered to be “molecular mail” that comes in the form of “bubbles” that are released from cells. Forming a bridge of communication between cells, sending information, proteins, genes and more to other cells to “get the job done”, these tiny miracle workers are the cutting edge in regenerative therapies.

When cells do not communicate well or don’t communicate at all, healing is slowed or stopped. Age, chronic disease and genetic issues can slow or stop cellular communication.

Many have heard of stem cells, but exosomes are HOW the stem cells communicate, making them even more important!

Discovered about 50 years ago, research on exosome’s far reaching applications are still in their infancy.

When a healthy cell sends an exosome, or information packet, to a non-healthy, or injured cell, the injured cell spontaneously begins a regeneration and restoration process.

At the Natural Healing Center we use exosomes for:

  • Pain management (musculoskeletal) ie knee/hip, shoulder/arm, neck and back
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Hair restoration
  • IV therapy: for autoimmune disease, CNC disease and anti-aging

Loaded with anti-inflammatory cytokines and interleukins, exosomes can often offer almost instant pain relief!

With exosomes, elastin of the skin can be increased up to 300% and can encourage your body to produce up to six times as much collagen, decreasing wrinkles, reducing scarring, improving pore size as well as skin texture and color!

There are many scientific articles on the uses and success of exosome therapy.

Here are a few: Click Here >>> Exosomes derived from human dermal papilla cells promote hair growth in cultured human hair follicles.