At this pivotally toxic time in history, even babies are born needing detoxification. More than 200 chemicals are found in babies’ cord blood! With that kind of start, imagine what toxins YOU have accumulated in the last 20, 30, 40 or more YEARS! There are a growing number of researchers and doctors that are beginning to believe that all disease is a symptom, a symptom of inflammation and lowered cell voltage. Also, it is well known that inflammation is the “root of all evil” and is driven by toxins. Those toxins can take any form: GMOs, pesticides and herbicides, wheat gluten, viruses, bacteria or fungi. Believe it or not, terrain toxicity can even come from a lack of purpose in your life, a traumatic event or a poor outlook on your future! Here at the Natural Healing Center, we help you to rid your body of physical toxins as well as address mental, emotional and spiritual toxins and issues. Using nutrient rich food, juices and supplements, several types of frequency machines like PEMF, BioMat and High Frequency and Resonance therapy, we can help you neutralize and eliminate the toxins that are at the root of your dis-ease. Our Mind/Body specialist is second to none as well. The days of “laying on the couch” only to bring up emotional issues that will settle in another area of the body are over! Current paradigm includes resetting/balancing the nervous system from unsettling emotional issues using magnets, kinesiology, Biofield detection/analysis/healing and more!