Coffee Enema Detox

Coffee enemas are a useful tool to not only help detoxify and improve liver function, but also to decrease free radical numbers and ultimately reduce inflammation.

While their purpose is not to clean out the colon (but that can be a nice side benefit), they not only increase bile production, but they also increase glutathione production as well. Bile mixes with toxins so that they can be escorted out of the body. There are three current theories as to why chronic illness happens and too many toxins in and not enough toxins out are at the root of all three. Toxin removal is paramount as well as free radical/ inflammation reduction. Glutathione-s- transferase is made by your liver. Considered the “master antioxidant” because it can recharge all the other antioxidants in the body so that they can continue to be used to reduce inflammation, glutathione production is increased by 600-700% with just one coffee enema.

The coffee stays in the sigmoid and descending colon for 15-20 minutes, until it is eliminated. People who are intolerant to oral coffee intake usually do not have a problem with using coffee enemas. During the enema, the blood becomes super-cleansed, allowing the body to remove toxins that may never have been removed otherwise. The result is a happier, more alive you.