BioPhotonic Scanner

Antioxidant Levels

Using a BioPhotonic scanner, the level of carotenoids in the body can be determined, giving an immediate, noninvasive look at your ability to combat free radical damage and chronic inflammation.

By resting the palm of your hand on the scanner, the low-energy blue light sends signals through the tissue and subsequently reports back the quantity of signal returned by the unique molecular structure of carotenoids. This provides a specific number which correlates to your overall antioxidant status.

A free radical is a molecule that has lost an electron, is unstable, and causes inflammation. An antioxidant is a substance that has an electron that is available for use. An antioxidant returns a free radical to a more stable particle that no longer causes damage. High antioxidant levels are important for good health and for healing.

The BioPhotonic Scanner can monitor your antioxidant levels and help determine lifestyle choice benefits.