What Is Acute Illness

Acute illness is a sickness that you expect to go away in a short time like a cold or a flu. They are called “self-limiting” because they go away by themselves.

With full body support the moment that you notice that something is coming on, Natural Healing Center can help you to feel better faster. We can also teach you how to improve your immune system to decrease the amount of times you get sick.

But what if you have a broken bone?

With the right supplements, diet, immune system building and healing therapies, NHC can help your body heal a broken bone faster too!

Other examples of acute conditions are:

  • cold, flu or strep throat
  • a back that is “out”
  • sinus infection
  • insomnia (can also be chronic)
  • food poisoning

While we are not an “acute care center” that deals with emergency situations, we can help you to feel better and heal faster after the initial issue is treated. We can help right away in less emergent conditions like the ones listed above.