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Welcome to Nat….

At the Natural Healing Center we take a “holistic” or “whole body approach” to your “whole body disease” or illness. We incorporate nutrition, environment, dental history, mind/body connection, emotions, energy flow as well as testing and education to provide you with a foundational plan to rebalance your body toward a state of healing. A body in balance is healthy and vibrant. A body out of balance is in a state of “dis-ease”.


Who we are

DOC – Dr. Jin Li Dong is the proprietor of Natural Healing Center. She was a medical doctor when she lived in China and works as chiropractor and acupuncturist here at the Natural Healing Center. Having widely varied certifications and trainings, she has a vast knowledge base that she can draw from to help you. She may see you for eye opening consultations, Live Blood Cell Audits, or for acupuncture.

Pugh – Dr. Robert Pugh is a licensed internist. He received his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He serves as the Medical Director for NHC.

Laur – Laurie Boucino RN is a Board Certified Holistic nurse who also holds a BS in Alternative Medicine, a Truly Heal Health Coach designation as well as many other certifications. She has a medical/surgical background as well as experience in dialysis, geriatrics, allergy, and even spent a short time in oncology, mixing and administering chemotherapy. She may see you for coaching to help you get to the root of your illness.

Shell – Michelle Martin is our Lead Medical Assistant. She plans your schedule for daily therapies, making sure that you receive the most value possible from your therapies. She is highly competent and has been trained in all aspects of your care including clinical and office applications. She is our “Jill of all trades”.

Kat – Katheryn Cardoso is our “kitchen guru”. She provides the nutritious meals of your longevity diet which encompass modified ketogenic, “eat right for your blood type”, alkalizing foods, preparing and serving them with love. Without a doubt, you will want to take her home with you- I’m sorry, she’s ours 🙂

Josh – Josh Swindler is our IV nurse. He received his Bachelors in Nursing from Coastal Carolina University. He has current Emergency room experience which makes him an ace at “getting it right the first time”.


Please note that these programs are listed with a “generic patient” in mind. At Natural Healing Center, we provide custom care for each patient. Therefore, items may be included or deleted from this list depending on your individual needs.