Ozone and UBI Therapy

Ozone Therapy

ozonette imageOzone Therapy is a safe and natural therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 successful years. It can be used inside and outside the body. Ozone supports and improves all of the basic biochemical processes that are essential to human life. It has shown to be a great agent against all diseases, including anti-aging, disinfecting and healing external wounds, burns and rashes, boosting the immune system, treatment or control of internal systemic diseases of all kinds — from the common cold and flu to chronic degenerative diseases. At Natural Healing Center, we offer Ozone administration via several routes, which includes Intravenous, insufflation, and injection. Call (843) 839-9996 for appointments.

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring gas that is producible in small amounts with medical-grade generators.  Its molecular instability makes it a reactive oxidant and potent medicine.  Our own antibodies produce small amounts of ozone to heal.

The oxidative nature of ozone leads not only to its antimicrobial effects (kills germs) by forming peroxides, but also increases oxygen levels, improves circulation and stimulates stem cells.

How Is Medical Ozone Administered?

Ozone can be introduced into the body through several methods.  It may be administered intravenously or injection.  It may be applied through other routes including the rectum, vagina, or sinus as well as into muscle tissue and joints.  These routes of administration treat systematically, locally, or both.  Systemic treatments benefit the body as a whole, while local treat a specific area.

Intravenous Infusion is a systemic treatment that involves taking 40-200ml of blood from the patient, combining ozone and medical grade oxygen with the blood and re-infusing the patient with the mix.  This can be done over a number of sessions, days apart.

hand and syringeInsufflation means to blow the ozone gas into a body cavity. In ozone therapy, insufflation is primarily performed on the rectal or vaginal cavity. Insufflation may also be used for administering ozone to the ear or nasal cavity. Ozone gas is infused in varying doses, depending on the therapy being administered.

Ozone Injection Therapy (OIT) is potentially a great treatment for aching joints, bad backs, ripped ligaments, and the like.  Joint therapy is a popular treatment requiring injections into the joint space.  

OIT can be delivered in two parts.  The first part is a mix of vitamins and medicine.  Second, ozone is added to the mix and injected into the joint, spreading its healing therapy.  This combination causes regeneration and rebuilding of new ligaments and cartilage tissues.  Inflammation is decreased and the weak areas of the joint are made stronger again.  

Commonly, an injured or degenerated joint will take a series of 3-5 injections over 8-10 weeks. You can generally expect 15%-25% improvement each time. 

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) includes the application of Ozone Therapy while adding a narrowband ultraviolet light source.  Narrowband refers to the specific wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.  This range (311 to 312 nm) has proved to be the most beneficial wavelength of natural sunlight and can also be administered artificially through special UV lamps. It is absorbed by ozone and does not harm our tissue.  

As blood and ozone are delivered to the body, they are exposed to the UV light.  The combination is a powerful weapon when fighting against many chronic diseases by addressing the disease process at a cellular level.

Who Benefits from Ozone Therapy?

Because Ozone therapy supports and improves all of the basic biochemical processes essential to human life, it is shown to be a great agent for those suffering from all type diseases, including:

Lyme disease



Auto Immune Disorders

Degenerative Disorders

Heart Disease

Allergies and sinusitis

Multiple sclerosis

Raynaud’s disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome


Parkinson’s disease



Wound healing

How to prepare for your visit . . .

Hydration is important.  Please increase water intake and eat beforehand Please notify your physician if you’ve had difficulty with past blood draws. The IV therapy will not impair your ability to drive, work or complete regular daily task. Please review recommended resources to enhance you knowledge of medical ozone. Notify your physician of drug allergies & medication changes.
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