Other Helpful Tests


    EveryBODY is different as are their needs for testing and treatment. Upon evaluation, you may be a candidate for other tests like:

  • RGCC – or “Greece” test- Using blood, or in rare cases tissue, the RGCC test can determine a “cancer stem cell” count and a “cancer tumor cell” count allowing for for both confirmation of cancer and a way to monitor whether your treatments are helping to move your health in the right direction . By growing those cells and testing them with various substances (choices include traditional chemotherapeutic agents and/or “natural substances”) the test conveys how effective each substance was on your highly individual cancer cells.

  • AMAS – Anti-malignan Antibody Serum test: A highly accurate test that measures an antibody created by the immune system in response to cancer cells.

  • Hcg – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin test: A highly accurate urine test that measures a hormone that increases in pregnant women and people with cancer- both growing “something other than themselves” inside them.

  • CBC – or complete blood count, a metabolic panel, to determine organ function limitations, and a G6PD which is used to determine candidacy for intravenous vitamin C therapy may also be needed to properly direct your treatment.