IV Curcumin is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immunomodulatory (turns your immune system up/down depending on needs), neuroprotective (protects the brain and nervous system), is anti-microbial and  enhances wound healing.

Curcumin is the yellow pigment that makes turmeric yellow. It is not absorbed well by the body.

By administering Curcumin intravenously, the digestive system is completely bypassed and the full benefit of this miracle substance becomes completely available to the body!

Curcumin is used as a therapy for:

Cancer: stops formation of new blood    vessels that supply tumors

              : anti-metastatic- inhibits the spread of cancer

Alzheimer’s: reduces amyloid plaque formation

             : inhibits neuron damage and cell death

Depression: reduces depression symptoms/reduces development

             :enhances outcome of antidepressant treatment

Diabetes T2DM: helps glucose intolerance and insulin resistance

             :prevents or reduces peripheral neuropathy

There are SO many other ways

IV Curcumin can help.

Ask your doctor if it can help you too!